Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall fusion.

Today is one of those days where the fall air is crisp but the summer sun still warm. A new season begins, but the old one is trying to hold on for just a little while longer. A day like today is the perfect day for warm baked sweet potatoes along side a crisp summer lettuce and barbecued pork tenderloin. A fusion of sorts, where two very different worlds walk hand in hand for just a very short time. I love fall cooking, it has amazing rustic elements to it. With it's gentle warmth, seeming almost to wrap flavour around you like a big, cuddly blanket. Cinnamon and apples come to mind, as do turkey and gravy, and today - sweet potato with chipotle pepper sauce. A combination completely new to me, but it just simply works. I decide to put this on my 'when company comes for dinner' list of meals to make, since even though the preparation is quite involved, it can be mostly done early on in the day.

I had the intention of sharing the recipes with you, but I have to admit, this meal has relaxed me in such a way, that all I can think of is a warm cup of raspberry apple tea, perhaps with a little cinnamon, a soft blanket and my hubby by my side. So that's what I am going to do... perhaps I will get around to it tomorrow.

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