Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Glad that's done!

Well, I have to admit I am feeling a little exhausted after coming up with this weeks menu. You see, it is imperative I stay on budget, as always, but even more so this week, as we just purchased a new vehicle at the top end of our allotted vehicle funds! But at the same time I want to learn a new technique with every entree and stretch my knowledge a little further. So for this week I have chosen dinners which require many steps and plenty of ingredients. This is made possible, again, by using only fresh foods that need loads of prep before and during cooking. Why do I do this to myself? Because it's fun - and the more variety of foods I use, the more I learn about them. The menu is international this week, since one of my goals is to expose my kids to many different food cultures, in a hope to 'produce' well-rounded palettes in them.
I am only planning for 4 entrees, as they allow for plenty of left overs and I intend not to have any waste!

Corn and Crab Chowder with Basil
Old-fashioned Rye Bread

Meats and Game
Beef Pot Pie

Pasta, Noodles and Dumplings
German Spaetzle
Fresh Tomato Coulis with Garlic
Baby Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Yellow Split Pea and Vegetable Curry
with Spiced Rice and Cucumber Raita

Pita Bread
Old-fashioned Rye Bread using Rye starter

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