Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mm Mm Good!

My five year old is home from school today, and spending a little time on the computer. Our computer is in the basement, our kitchen upstairs. So when a waft of Mushroom Soup lingers downstairs and she comes running, searching for where this amazing smell is coming from... I know I have found a keeper (recipe that is, the kid goes without saying). She is less impressed when I list the ingredients for the bread. Although she will eat just about anything, olives are not on her list of favourites.
We wait patiently for our soup to complete it's simmering process - which is vital for all the flavours to come together, then we dig in... oh, what bliss!
There is a lot of bliss though, and I think we may be eating of it for a little while. Leftovers, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Moni, it looks delicious! Do you deliver? ;^)