Monday, January 31, 2011

It's all part of the reno life, I suppose

Life's full of surprises, isn't it? How surprised this little guy must have been when he found his way into one of our kitchen electrical sockets, never to find his way out again? I certainly was not happy to find him there, but it sure makes for an interesting addition to our kitchen renovations.

A much better addition, in my opinion, is the glass and stone back splash making it's way onto our walls! Every room needs a little sparkle, wouldn't you say?

Interesting also, is cooking in a semi-construction sight. Though it's something I've been getting much better at over the past couple of years. Today I decided it was a good day for a big batch of Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas, since I had leftover slow cooker chicken, loads of Pepper Jack cheese and a jar of all natural salsa. I prefer my cast iron skillet to whip these babies up, as it's toasting abilities are even and quick to achieve.
First, add about 1 tsp olive oil to the pan, heated to just under medium heat. Add a tortilla, spread some shredded cheese over it and dollop with a little salsa. Not too much though, or the end result will be soggy. Continue with pulled chicken and a little more shredded cheese. Add a second tortilla on top, flip the whole thing when golden. Allow the flipped tortilla to brown, remove from pan and continue to make as many quesadillas as needed. Cool, slice and serve.


Lukrisi said...

Two layers of cheese... I've struggled with quesadillas and I think that's the trick. I'll do them with two layers of cheese next time. It would definitely work as a nice adhesive.

As for the mouse... Eww!!

FP said...

Poor mousie. Kitchen is looking great though!

And these quesadilla's look great! Something else that works great for us for a smaller snack is to use one tortilla, put all the layers of cheese and toppings on half the tortilla, and fold the other half over before putting in the pan. Makes a great meal for one or snack for two! :)