Friday, February 5, 2010

A challenge and a contest!

Walk into any bookstore, and guaranteed at least one large section of the store is dedicated to cookbooks. Not even the decorating or self help books come close to the amount of options there are for cooks. So why is it that most of us still struggle to get nutritious meals on the dinner plate? Why is it that if we want a 'real' meal, we need to eat out? And why is it we think if we are on a tight budget we should eat Kraft Dinner? I speak of personal experience, but also one of realizing I can turn all of that into something much, much more - and not spend more cash than I had previously. So in the spirit of a love for books, specifically cookbooks, I want to put out a little contest. But what's a contest without a challenge? I challenge you to find a new recipe in one of your cookbooks, prepare it, take a photo of it and write a short blurb about the experience - what you liked, what you would do different, how it inspired you, and so on.
Send this by email to me:
Contest closes on February 28, 2010, when I will send the winner the book in the photo, "Quick Breads", by Linda Collister. We may not all have time to make yeast breads, but quick breads, are just that, quick! Also, the winner's recipe with photo will be posted here on Sprout.
Please make sure to include your full mailing address with your entry. One entry per person. Photos should be a jpg file. Include full recipe and instructions.

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