Thursday, November 5, 2009

No poo for you!

My kids like to argue sometimes about who knows more than the other, this is usually followed with an intervention by mom and turned into a situation of love and respect for one another. But on occasion, I just like to listen from a distance, to see what happens if left alone. This time, the older one was boasting about her knowledge of Poutine (I didn't catch how they got onto the subject, but that's really not important), knowing full well that the younger one had never had the privilege of taking part in this wonderful Canadian fast food (we don't do much fast food at our house). As the younger one tries to come up with what she thinks it is, and the older one continually shooting her down, she eventually storms out of the room, proclaiming, "Well, poo (as in POUtine) is an 'unapropriate' word anyway!". I did not make it into the room to intervene, as I was holding back a good belly laugh. Clearly, they are both smart in their own special way. And I will never look at Poutine the same way again!

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