Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last Supper

What would you eat for your last supper? I realize it's not the end of the world, but in a way tomorrow is the end of food for me for, well, at least a little while. Perhaps I will drop those 5 pounds I have been so dearly holding on to? They have never bothered me much, my love for all things food surpass the worry of a few little poundlets clinging closely to my mid-section. Tomorrow I will finally give in to something I have put off for literally 8 years, I am having my wisdom teeth pulled. I think all the years of worry have left no worry remaining for these last moments, similar perhaps to crying over a good - bye, only to discover at one point there are no tears left. I have made my hubby-do lists and checked them twice, cleaned the house, did ALL the laundry (when does that ever happen?) and stocked the freezer with loads of junk (frozen meals = overpriced junk!). To which my husband replied, "You should have your wisdom teeth removed more often"! I choose to ignore this, as I know he patiently remains my guinea pig in this culinary experience I will probably never leave behind. He does deserve a frozen burrito once in a very blue moon. So what was my 'last supper'? Homemade pizza! Surprised? I was too, as there are so many other things I could have had. But there is just something overly comforting about a good slice of pizza. To no surprise, however, delivery just won't do for me - it simply has to be my sponge method dough (this time whole wheat), fresh marinara made from plump, ripe tomatoes and beautiful basil. I used shredded block mozzarella this time, so I decided to cut the basil into shreds as well, and discovered along the way that my kids will gladly eat the "green stuff" on their pizza like this. In other words not only was my last supper delicious, but it was peaceful at the table, just a few mmmmmm's to be heard. On regular pizza nights, I tend to be a one slice kind of a girl, but today I had three along with a nice blend of baby greens and even dessert. How often can you fill up to the brim without regretting it later? Since I won't enjoy another meal for at least 48 hours, I figured today was that kind of a day.

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