Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Scent of Life!

A funny thing happened to me yesterday: I ran out of onions. Perhaps not a memorable moment to most, but it certainly was to me! I fumbled through my menu and there was nothing I could make - which makes me wonder, if I eat this many onions, do I smell like them too? At one point not too long ago, my fridge boasted 4 different kinds; the average every day white onion, shallots, green onions and leeks. And none of them ended up in the compost! I think most women have moments where we simply must have chocolate, well yesterday I was so stumped at what to make for dinner, I felt the same way about the precious stinky vegetable. It is a vegetable, right? Lucky for me, I had some burgers in the freezer I needed to use up anyway... My kids seemed to be delighted to be eating normal kid food for a change, and I realized how much time I had been spending hovering over the stove lately, as I hung out with the barbecue for a couple of minutes. It felt lazy, but oddly enough was kind of nice, sort of like visiting an old friend. So anyway, that was short lived as I headed straight to the store today and now have a complete pantry again.

And speaking of smelly food, it was Indian night tonight! I have only made Indian food twice in the past 9 years, which is a shame because it's an amazing source for getting all your veggies in. I love that the sauces or liquids in curries are made of vegetables, not heavy cream or a starchy roux. I think here again it's the smell we have to get past. I am reminded of an apartment building I once lived in, with curry loving neighbours - curry that permeated into my apartment and lingered there until the day I moved out. Which very well might be the reason I haven't used curry much in my cooking, that, and my husband needs a little convincing. So I suppose today my skin is onion and curry scented. Which is why I am at my computer, not out with my friends!

One thing is certain, however, food is a big part of who I am, and it's very possible I won't often have long fingernails, smooth skin on my hands, or smell like laundry detergent, but at least I will know who my true friends are!

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