Friday, October 16, 2009

Falalala la la la la la!

Ah, the holidays! What a perfect time to break routines, get out of bed late, eat as much as you want (and squeeze in an extra work out hear or there) - but the best part of all must be... once we are filled to brim, relaxed so much our muscles tingle... getting back to the things that make up our day to day lives. I have decided to supplement my "school books" with one from the Culinary Institute of America, since I feel it's along the same lines, but with more recipes. My Cordon Bleu book is mostly a school book - to build a knowledge of food, which is most intriguing I must say, but I do need more meals to chose from - to keep kids and budget happy! Our Thanksgiving celebrations have been carried over into this coming weekend, but look for a new menu in the following week.

Tomorrow is my first Gourmet Night with the ladies - Four courses, 9 ladies and some wine, how divine! Plus tasting new-to-us foods, discovering fresh inspiration, and catching up with friends in between our busy lives, how fun is that!

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