Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, Every Day!

I've been spending a lot of time meditating on what it means to live and love "today". I consider myself a content person - I am happy how life has turned out and where it has brought me, but in the back of my mind "tomorrow" can often creep in and, if I am not careful, take place of what is so great about now. I can brush it off as being human, but rising above this mentality is surprisingly rewarding. Suddenly I find myself enjoying the craziest things - even toothpaste takes on a whole new meaning. I realized the other day that where I am today is what I hoped for a few years ago... it was my "getting there", my tomorrow that I longed for so very much. So why is it that today, I often find myself longing for tomorrow? When today is what counts, and missing out on that will result on never getting to tomorrow - tomorrow never comes! We, as humans grieve for yesterday and long for the next day. It's a daily decision to enjoy today. But one I make each and every DAY I get up in the morning, and thank my Saviour for His blessings, from very small (like toothpaste - imagine not having toothpaste), to very great (health, family, and being a two car family)! Now, as I approach a new day, I find myself with butterflies in my stomach - not because something hugely exciting is about to happen, but simply because at every turn, I find something I am thankful for and something I love and most of all having a joy that has nothing to do with circumstances. I am working hard on my beauty routine as well - not only as the commercials advertise it, but one that lends a smile, or a hug with a word of appreciation and encouragement. Because you see, it's in the small things that we do for others, where they know they are loved - as these things get missed when love is not present.

One of my favourite vegetables is Bok Choy. It is slightly sweet and mild, yet it retains some crunch after cooking but importantly it is gorgeous even on it's very own. I like to saute the bottom whites in a little butter until they begin to soften, then drown them in a cup of good chicken stock. After this reduces, I throw in the green tops. Once these have wilted, everything has a shimmery glaze and the chicken stock brings out the best of this veg. Simple, people, simple!

I have discovered along the way that fish is overcooked I would say most of the time. And this is precisely where it turns rubbery and fishy. I believe we would have plenty more fish lovers in this world if our fish was cooked properly. The trick is to undercook it just a touch, then let it rest on a serving plate for a couple of minutes. The residual heat finishes is it perfectly and you end up with moist, tender seafood. Sole has been one that even my husband looks forward to. And it's so quick to prepare, not even fast food stands a chance. Gently dab the sole filets with paper towels to dry, while heating up a saute pan to medium heat. After the filets are dry, grind fresh, coarse pepper on them and sprinkle with sea salt. Heat up a little olive oil in the warm pan, place your fish in it, presentation side down first - then leave it alone for two to three minutes. Flip it, and cook until it is almost done, about three minutes. Take it out, and let rest.

Now this very same husband of mine that normally requires a good helping of tartar sauce, or even plain mayo (yuck!) to get the fish into his mouth, declared this other, much healthier sauce, as a "definate blogger". It's even faster to put together than cooking the fish, so make it first. Serve everthing with garlic mashed potatoes and a colorful vegetable on the side.

Parsley Sauce
Serves 4

130 mL Olive Oil
15 mL Lemon Juice
1/4 cup chopped Parsley
1/4 tsp Salt
Place everything in a blender, Process for just a few seconds.

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