Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a family affair

I awoke this morning to the cheerful sounds of my children playing cheese store. Yup, that's right, cheese store. You see as parents we have such enormous influence on the lives of our children - they know we love them and blindly trust us to point them in not just the right direction, but the best. "From now on we should only buy cheese from Ontario!" Amongst many giggles, the girls turned socks into cheese (underwear being the stuffing!) and their bedrooms into a variety of necessary stations for successful cheese production. From production to packaging, and tasting to selling. It was music to my ears! What a way to start our day as a family. This journey has been an amazing one for me - and I love how it has spilled over onto the kids.

Visiting the Upper Canada Cheese company is the start to a Spring and Summer journey of discovery, one of enjoying the fruits of our home, the beautiful Niagara Region. There is bounty right at our doorstep, and I am honoured to call Canada, and specifically Niagara, my home.
It's taken me until just recently to feel this way. Until now I have simply viewed Canada as a place where I live, not one I am truly home at. Moving from to Canada from Germany just over 15 years ago has been a long and outstretched adjustment. I came to this realization of home in a much grander scale last week as I drove home from our country stay, not just because I ate Maple Syrup harvested only meters from where I slept, but also as I drove down the 401 from Trenton, our Highway of Heroes. I felt overwhelmingly thankful to the strangers who gave up their lives to ensure mine and that of my children. What an honour! As the sun beat through the car windows I took a moment to look at each and every poppy pictured to resemble our heroes. Had I not felt choked up, I may have burst out into Song.... Oh Canada!

Picture above is a Brie Baker made in Niagara-on-the-Lake, stamped with the Upper Canada Cheese company logo. An heirloom in the making?

Please visit:

Their Comfort Cream is a Camembert style cheese which just won #2 cheese in Canada!

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