Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chinese Dumpling Adventure

Chinese Dumplings. I know now why there is such a thing as a master dumpling maker. And why people pay big bucks for these. I have to be honest, I wasn't convinced I should talk about my little adventure in the kitchen today. What I will say is that making dumplings has tired me right out! Making these is worlds apart from Italian cooking, which is a thing of feel and your very own quanto basta. Attempting perfection is a must even the first time around when it comes to perfect pasta pillows. I have a feeling it is something I may not perfect by reading about it, but instead is one of those arts that is passed on from one generation to the next. Is there such a thing as culinary personal ads? Married female, 30, looking for Chinese Dumpling Master. Serious contacts only!

And then it was time to bite into one.

I was speechless. Not even my kids said much. Other than, "I want chop sticks, too"! I am still not sure what to say.

But, oh, they were tender, so very very tender.

Which can be a problem when you have the habit of eating too fast to begin with. I think it took me ten minutes to gobble up about 15 dumplings. The seasoning in the filling carried the meat into perfect harmony with the pasta, without overpowering it. I am suddenly in the mood for a dumpling party... getting everyone involved in the process and figuring out how to pleat the darn things... having 4 skillets on the go at once to make enough to keep eating well into the night... some days it really is a shame that we get full.

Here's proof as to why I need many, many more practice runs:

Doesn't look much like what it's supposed to, now does it?
The photos I posted above show the only TWO out of 48 dumplings I got somewhat right. The others fell apart and stuck together when I took them out of the saute pan. My guess is I overcrowded them and made the dough to thin before filling.

Party, anyone?


Wwanda said...

I would love to try to make dumplings with you!

Moni said...

Let's do it!

Ellen said...

I'm in for a party! Great job Moni! what inspired you to try dumplings?

Rachel said...

Did you put enough broth in the pan? That helps them not stick.