Sunday, April 3, 2011


Making it through the Winter months flu-less is an accomplishment. Getting a bad head cold and vicious cough right at the break of Spring is down right ironic. Yet here I sit, I have no appetite, instead I cough, sneeze and hold cold fingers to my aching forehead. Cooking my father-in-law's birthday dinner was tricky, without a sense of smell.

Allow me to take you on a journey my girls and I had theprivilege of enjoying just yesterday. The absence of food is intentional, I simply can not think food at this time. Visiting with farm animals is always a great joy to my girls, visiting with ones that are literally hours old would be out of this world exiting for anybody. New friends Sue and her daughter Vanessa milk these ladies by hand every day, they sell this milk and also fresh goats cheese. I find myself with a million questions, but I hold back, as today we will enjoy the moment of new life.

Goats have big personalities, it surprised even me, so far I've judged them by their cover - a beautiful one, with big eyes, and baa's which bring out chuckles in even the most sophisticated city dweller. The white goat is their main milker, she produces 1 1/2 of rich milk every day. She also fits into the crowd, as though she was one us, or perhaps our family dog, hoping to catch a glimpse of three dark baby boys, perfect and hardly wobbly as they make their way to mama. Mama, gently guiding the babies with her horns, she was as nurturing as any new mom might be. Add to the mix a one month old, fluffy, white lamb named Dolly, mischievously toddler-like, playful and not the least bit shy. It was picture perfect. And I forgot about the discomfort of my aching body momentarily.

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