Monday, April 19, 2010


How's that for a welcome? Imagine yourself reading this while visiting a friends' home for the very first time. Kids in tow. With muddy boots. Kids that might break something, and may be picky about the food put in front of them. All those pretenses of being perfect and having angels for kids would be out the window, no where near your thoughts. You could relax, have a seat, sip on some coffee and enjoy a little togetherness. Is that even a word?

I love community and everything it encompasses: if you've run out of eggs, I've got some for you; if you go on holiday, I will keep an eye on your home; if you require an hour, bring the kids over; if you are alone at dinner (or not), let's eat together; if you need to cry, that's ok - I'll cry with you; have a reason to celebrate, let's party!

I want to thank all of you who read my words. To me they are simple, but they are always real. I don't know all of you readers, but I sure wish I did! So let's create a little community, right here on Sprout. We all have something to offer, and a whole lot to gain. I am getting quite close to my 100th post, (wow!) and would like to celebrate by getting to know you better. If you don't already officially follow me, I would be so honoured if you did. A little challenge to myself is to find 100 "followers" by my 100th post. Not because it's all about me, or Sprout, but because it's about community. I would like to feature you the reader, right here, perhaps as often as once a week, or even monthly. I strongly believe everyone has something to offer! So please, if you would be so kind, join me and let's Sprout together.
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Christy said...

I would love to be a food follower...Iam sure you can teach me a thing or two about cooking!!!!

Monika Clark said...

Hi Christy! Please do! Follow the link above for more information on how to follow. It's so nice to have you!

BDrost said...

I am sooooo putting that on my wall!! I love it.

... right after I bake some granola...

Monika Clark said...

I love this wall, too... and have often wondered how I could get it on a wall in my house... if I can stencil neatly!
Can't wait to hear how your granola turned out!

krisjana_18 said...

I figured it out! I'm a follower. lol
I REALLY want to put this on my wall too! It would be a great reminder to me to keep things in perspective.
I also look forward to expanding our menu!